Superfood Snacks Offer Great Nutrition

Most people enjoy snacking between meals, either to keep their energy up, or just for the satisfaction. Superfood snacks are a great way to replace junk food snacks with high-nutrition alternatives.

Superfood snacks are not the most economical way of getting your antioxidants, but they can be as healthy a way as most — and they're certainly fast and convenient! I've collected what I consider the healthiest ones here for you — all available from

My Pledge to You

I select the supplement and superfood companies
featured on my website for their reputation for quality, and for their contribution to a healthy planet — supporting green technology, fair-trade and sustainable, organic agriculture. I use many of them myself and wouldn't recommend anything that doesn't meet my strict personal standards.

Garden of Life/Living Foods
Organic Whole Food Bars

Garden of Life Living Foods Bars combine nutritious whole foods such as organic fruit, vegetables, nuts and sprouted grains with beneficial live probiotics, and sweetened with honey.

These superfood snack bars easily have the longest list of healthy ingredients of any snack bar I've seen — sixty or more!

Judging from the list of ingredients, these have to be just about the most nutrient-dense snack bars around. If you're looking for the most nutritious superfood snack bar around, you won't do any better than these!

Amazing Grass
Green SuperFood Energy Bars

Amazing Grass has combined the world's most nutritious wheat grass with alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds to create delicious and healthy superfood snack bars that are full of antioxidant benefits. It's a great way to sneak some greens into your kid's diets!

I'd rate these bars as one of the most nutritient-dense ones around — comparable to The Garden of Life Whole Food Bars. They're full of antioxidant-rich green superfood powders, and sweetened with agave nectar.

Greens-Plus Food Bars

Greens Plus combines organic superfoods, whey or soy protein, antioxidant herbal extracts and agave nectar to produce a cold-processed, alkaline-forming, protein-rich, green food bar.

Each bar packs in about three dozen healthy ingredients, including a good helping of their green superfood powder made with spirulina, chlorella and cultivated field grasses.

Greens Plus offers three different types of food bars: Greens+ Energy Bars, Chia Energy Bars and Greens+ Protein Bars.

Navitas Naturals
Dried SuperFruits and Trail Mixes

If you prefer to keep your snacks on the simple side, Navitas Naturals is a company that I'd recommend as an excellent source. Their superfood snacks include products such as dried goji berries, mulberries, raw chocolate nibs and cashews. They also have a few raw trail mixes made with different combinations of the above ingredients.

Navitas Naturals supports fair-trade policies and sustainable organic agriculture. Their foods are certified organic, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, raw, and certified kosher.

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Why Use Superfood Products

Green Superfood Powders
chlorella • spirulina • wheat and barley grass • green blends

Other Superfoods
hemp • chia • flax • maca • cacao • coconut oil

Antioxidant Juices
acai • goji • mangosteen • noni juice

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