Spirulina Helped with Autism

by Mary
(Roanoke, Virginia)

Andrew, my autistic son (college drop-out and no hope for the future) began taking this product in January 2007, after I read an article about our government using sound waves and spirulina to remove mercury embedded in the ocean floor. I did some more research about this highly-nutritional product and asked Andrew if he would like to try the product with me. Four months later, I no longer lived with gingivitis. No more deep cleanings for me!

During that same time period, I noticed an amazing difference in Andrew's communication skills and memory. He felt more calmer and able to focus better. He went back to college in the fall 2007 on probation. His college advisor recommended he only attend as a part-time student and to apply for accommodations and auxiliary aids. Andrew decided he would return as a full-time student and did not need any accommodations or auxiliary aids! At first, I was skeptical about this. However, I was glad I had kept a journal, because this amazing green food worked! Two semesters later and Andrew is still making all A's as a full-time student.

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