Nutritional Content of Chlorella

Chlorella is loaded with antioxidants to keep you looking and feeling young! The nutritional content of chlorella includes many times more beta carotene than carrots and any leafy green vegetable.

Chlorella may well be the most nutrient-dense and beneficial food in the world. If you were to add just one antioxidant food to your diet, you couldn't find any that would give you all the health benefits of chlorella!

The nutritional content of chlorella includes 58 percent highly digestible, complete vegetarian protein, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. It is rich in polysaccharides, nucleic acids, peptides, essential fatty acids and B vitamins.

The nutritional content of chlorella also includes plenty of vitamins and minerals. It is rich in vitamins A, C, E, and K, and is one of the few whole food sources of vitamin D. Chlorella has the complete vitamin B-complex with more B-12 than beef liver, by weight. The carotenoids beta carotene and lutein are also found in abundance. Chlorella actually contains many times more beta carotene than carrots and other leafy green vegetables.

Additional nutritional content of chlorella includes zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, rare trace minerals, essential fatty acids including gamma linolenic acid (GLA), and polysaccharides.

Essential Fatty Acids. Blue-green algaes are also good sources of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-6 fatty acid which is lacking in the standard American diet. GLA is known for regulating blood sugar and providing important nutrients to the brain. It also has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties that add to the nutritional benefits of chlorella.

Nucleic Acids. The nutritional content of chlorella also includes nucleic acids. Nucleic acid in the human body (RNA/DNA) is responsible for controlling cellular growth and repair. Your levels of nucleic acid decrease with age; in fact, loss of nucleic acid causes premature aging as well as weakened immunity. Nucleic acid is also depleted by lack of exercise, stress, pollution, and a poor diet. Therefore, replenishing your RNA/DNA through your diet is important to every aspect of health and longevity.

Chlorella is the World's
Richest Source of Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the life-blood of plants. Chlorophyll's job is to absorb energy from the sun to produce food, a process known as photosynthesis. Chlorophyll is a phytonutrient most commonly attained by eating dark green, leafy vegetables. It's one of the best food substances for cleansing the bowel and other elimination systems, such as your liver and your bloodstream.

Green algae are the highest sources of chlorophyll in the plant world. Chlorella is the highest of all, ranging from three to five percent chlorophyll content. Green leafy vegetables, by comparison, contain less than half of one percent chlorophyll. Commercial liquid chlorophyll supplements often contain only about one percent chlorophyll.

In your body, chlorophyll neutralizes environmental toxins and pollutants. It helps the blood carry oxygen to all cells and tissues. Chlorophyll plays an important part in chlorella's ability to detoxify heavy metals.

Chlorella is a Whole, Natural Food

Since these nutrients are all contained in a single, natural food, they are easily absorbed by your body. This makes chlorella more effective than isolated supplements taken individually or in multi-vitamin capsules. The nutritional content of chlorella can thus be a replacement for many individual supplements and effectively lower the cost of supplementing, while also giving you the benefits of a whole food.

Natural Alkaline Balance. Chlorella helps support the healthy pH balance of the body. Western diets tend to be highly acidic, due to the heavy reliance on foods like grains and animal proteins. These acidic foods can be effectively countered by the natural alkaline balance of chlorella.

Only Chlorella Has "Growth Factor" Mojo. The nucleus of the chlorella produces a "mojo" they call chlorella growth factor. Chlorella growth factor offers many of the benefits found in human growth hormone, and is believed to be the source of many of the health benefits of chlorella, although there's still much mystery surrounding these properties. The nutritional content of chlorella is made up of up to ten percent RNA, and up to three percent DNA.

Just one teaspoon of chlorella powder has the nutritional value of 3 servings of dark green leafy vegetables! I personally use chlorella (and spirulina) daily, simply for this reason. If you don't eat many dark green leafy vegetables every day, chlorella can make up for it — and then some. Chlorella also contains concentrated, easy-assimilated nutritional benefits not found in any other food.

Smoothies are a great way to get your
chlorella every day!

If you haven't discovered smoothies yet, they're hands-down the best way to make a quick and amazingly-healthy meal without having to cook.

My basic recipe for a green smoothie uses coconut milk, a banana, two raw organic eggs or protein powder, and a tablespoon of chlorella and/or spirulina combined in a blender. Bananas blend well with chlorella, and mask the bitterness completely — just make sure you use very ripe ones.

Chlorella can turn your ordinary smoothie into
a nutrient-dense meal with the antioxidant benefits
of 6 servings or more of fruits and vegetables —
your entire minimum daily requirement!

You can discover how to make a smoothie the healthy way elsewhere on this website.

Yaeyama Chlorella — the World's Finest!

I'd recommend getting chlorella in a bulk powder form, since you'd have to swallow more than 20 tablets or capsules a day to get the equivalent of one tablespoon of chlorella powder.

Tablets or capsules are convenient to take with you, and you can swallow them quickly to avoid the taste. They do end up costing more than twice as much as the powder, though.

Jarrow Yaeyama is the chlorella powder that I use and recommend — it's the highest quality in the world, grown in the environmentally pristine coral reef region of Japan's Ishigaki Island using mountain spring water and intense tropical sunshine.

Chlorella is my personal favorite among all the green superfood powders because of its ability to draw out toxins from your system and eliminate them. Most of the green superfood powder blends include chlorella in their recipes because its nutritional value is second to none.

Chlorella is very dense, and its taste reflects this. Chlorella has the strongest taste of all the superfood powders I've tried. Spirulina is not far behind. I find that blending chlorella into a smoothie with a ripe banana helps to mellow out the flavor better than anything else.

To discover more about the incredible nutritional benefits of chlorella,
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