Love Astaxanthin!

by Elizabeth Jesse

I began taking 4 mg. of astaxanthin just over one year ago. The biggest thing I noticed was the improvement in my skin.

I am blue-eyed and tend to freckle in the sun. A few years ago, I began to notice that my skin would develop blotchy brown spots--especially, on my face and neck. These splotches made my skin look dirty and I stopped tanning to help them fade. However, last summer, while taking astaxanthin, I tanned, both in the tanning bed and in the outdoor sun. I tanned a nice, golden brown, but my skin did not "blotch," and it actually looked and felt very healthy and young.

I just started tanning again this year, and I seem to be developing color very quickly (seven minutes, five times in the tanning bed, with exposures spread out over a week, and I already have nice color). Finally, my skin looks better than it has in years, and I turned 49 last month. People tell me that I look like I am in my 30's!

In addition to astaxanthin, I take a whole food mutli-vitamin and mineral supplement with 5000 IU's of vitamin D-3, 1 gram of omega-3 from krill oil, a probiotic, ubiquinol, and grapeseed extract every day.

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