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This is the story of how I came to learn to build a website. Have you ever seriously thought about it? Maybe I can inspire you!

I had been a freelance graphic artist for over 20 years, specializing in technical illustration and print production work for all kinds of businesses and industries. Two of the best things about my job were the flexible hours I enjoyed, and being able to working from home a good part of the time.

Ever since the internet had been around, I had thought about creating a home-based business for myself online, except that I had no idea what kind of business that could be.

Although I had many years of experience in my profession, the specialized work I was doing didn't really translate well into a business opportunity. I also didn't see a way to use any of my hobbies to make a living online, either. And since I had no experience in web design, I knew that there would also be a lot to learn. Where to start?

How I Found Site Build It!

At the beginning of 2009, my graphics business went almost completely down the tubes along with the economy. My clients just stopped sending me work, due to budget constraints, and now I HAD to find something else.

Now, when you've freelanced as long as I have, the last thing you want to do is go back to a 9-to-5 job. But when your client base almost completely dries up, anything looks good! Of course, no one in my industry was hiring anyway, so that wasn't a issue.

Fortunately, that's about when my webmaster told me about Site Build It! (SBI). He had his own small webhosting business, and had gotten tired of servicing single-person businesses like mine, and started referring them to SBI instead. He saw that SBI gave his clients the chance to learn to build a website for themselves. SBI also provided far more of the services that a small business or individual needed to build and maintain their own website, at a fraction of what he would have to charge them.

It was the breakthrough that I had been needing. I had lots of time on my hands, so I decided to jump right in. I started learning the ABC's of internet marketing and developing a successful business online using the training materials provided by SBI — even before I had any idea of what my business would be.

Site Build It! comes with a
very generous one-year money-back policy,
so I felt as if I had nothing to lose.

Just having a great idea is not
a guarantee that you'll be successful online.

The internet is full of websites with great ideas that no one knows about because they get no traffic. It's like having a real cool brick-and-mortar store located in a back alley — if no one knows you're there, it doesn't matter how awesome your store is, you won't survive!

The hardest part for me was finding a theme for my website. Most people have an expertise in something — things they learned in their jobs and careers, or hobbies they were passionate about. I seemed to have spent my life dabbling in many different interests, but never getting to be an expert in any of them — or so I thought.

With the help of the fantastic brainstorming tools that SBI provides, I was able to discover that I really did have some knowledge that would interest a great number of people. SBI also showed me how to define a target audience that would give me the best chance of success.

With the tools, the training and support provided by SBI, I've been able to build a site where my traffic builds steadily, month by month. After a little more than a year, I was getting over 200 unique new visitors every day, 6,000 a month (almost all of them from the search engines), and that number increases with every passing week. All this without any advertising — or any prior knowledge of how to build a website!

What I tell people about my website experience.

After a year spent researching, writing, and learning how to build a website, what I tell people about my experience is:

There's nothing more satisfying
and rewarding than having your own website
on a subject that you're passionate about!

Learn to build a website and you'll have the opportunity to share yourself and what you know and love with people all across the globe.

Even better — you'll have your very own business that you can work on in the comfort of your home, at your own pace.

Think You Can't Do It?

Now, if you're like many people, you might be saying to yourself, "Well, these people are just the exceptions — the 1% that would be successful with any business they tried. I don't think that I could learn to build a website that would be successful."

Well, this is where SBI shines! The SBI formula is designed to attract plenty of free search-engine traffic to your web site. A look at the statistics for all SBI sites makes that plainly clear:

Among all SBI websites:

62% make it to the top 3%
of all websites on the internet.

53% are in the top 2%

35% make the top 1%
of ALL websites on the internet!

Try finding any other web-hosting or site-building company
that can come close to that kind of success!

SBI Case Histories

Many ordinary people, with little or no knowledge of site building to begin with, have created profitable websites with SBI. Their websites include themes that include kids' birthday party ideas, juggling, travel, photography, vegan diets, tea tree oil, antique dolls — even asphalt! Meet them and hear their stories at SBI Case Histories.

To see some of the many other Site Build It! websites that have made it to the top 1% on the internet, check out Site Build It! Results

Take a Quick Video Tour of Site Build It!

What Makes Site Build It! the Best Choice?

1. Site Build It! makes it easy to learn to build a website that will succeed.

They not only show you everything that you'll need — they provide you with all those things for one incredibly low price. Sure, there are quicker ways of throwing up a site — but once it's up, how do you learn to build a website that will succeed? There are SO many facets to building and running a web site, you'll spend much more of your time finding out what those things are than you will in actually building your site.

2. Site Build It! offers a way for anyone to create their own website.

Are you the type of person who learns better in a classroom structure? For you, SBI! eLearning gives you the opportunity to take SBI! as a course from home... or anywhere.

Find out more about it here: SiteSell e-Learning

SBI is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Building a successful internet business takes time, determination and commitment. But really — that's all that's needed. You don't need to have exceptional writing skills or any prior website experience. SBI will teach you everything you need to learn to build a website. It's like taking a webmasters course — but at your own pace, in your own home.

SBI is now being taught at over 30 colleges and universities across the country — including schools such as the University of Arizona and Penn State. And now, if you like, you can take the same 12-week course in the comfort of your own home!

3. No other company covers ALL of the bases like Site Build It!

Site Build It! shows you, step by step, everything you need to learn to build a website; just follow their tried-and-true formula for success. With SBI, you get much more than just a "site builder." SBI includes all the tools and a proven process required to build a long-term, profitable e-business.

There are too many features in Site Build It! to list all of them here, so I've narrowed it down to my top ten:

1. SBI! removes the technical barriers allowing you to keep your attention on building your business. Many functions are completely automated. You don't need to know anything upfront about building a website in order to succeed.

2. The Site Build It! Action Guide presents a step-by-step process, presented in both written and video formats. All you have to do is follow it. Really! The most successful SBI! owners say "all they did was follow the Guide." They didn't get sidetracked, or have to guess at what to do next.

3. Brainstorm It! is SBI!'s powerful keyword brainstorming and research tool. It helps you decide whether or not your site concept has acceptable profit potential, right from the start. Brainstorm It! also helps you to find topics related to your niche that will pull in traffic and generate income.

4. Fast, reliable, state-of-the-net web hosting is included with SBI!. You don't have to worry about choosing the right "hosting" features (size, capacity, etc.).

5. SBI! includes an easy-to-use form builder with autoresponders. You can build contact forms, surveys, and polls to easily communicate with your visitors.

6. List-building and e-mail marketing are also included (usually these features have to be bought separately).

7. Automatic site blogging turns your site into a blog easily. You'll enjoy all the benefits of a blog without needing extra skills or additional software.

8. SBI! comes with unlimited Customer Support. SBI! owners often call it the best they've ever experienced.

9. The SBI! private forums provide friendly, helpful support from other Site Build It! users. Help is available from folks who have already gone through the process.

10. The SBIX! weekly newsletter brings you the latest news from SiteSell and around the web, highlighting only what you "need to know," and saves you time.

Sample Some of the Training Material!

Maybe you'd like to get a sample of the training you'll get as part of the SBI package. I'm going to give you access to one of the manuals you'll be using to learn to build a website. Clicking through the link will take you to a web page where you can learn more about it and download your free copy!

This is just one of over a dozen training programs offered by Site Build It! There's one for just about every facet of internet marketing that you could think of, and they're all included in the base price!

When Make Your Site Sell! (MYSS!) launched in 1999, it was instantly coined "The Bible of Selling on the Net."

Allan Gardyne is considered the authority on affiliate programs. Here's what he had to say about MYSS:

"MYSS! 2002 takes OVER-delivering to a whole new level. It is absolutely superb — the essential manual for anyone selling anything on the Net."

Get your free copy here: Make Your Site Sell!

Compare Site Build It!
to Any Other Web Hosting Package

Based on all that SBI! delivers, a subscription should sell for many thousands of dollars per year, compared to similar services elsewhere. You pay less than a tenth of that... $299 USD annually — or you can sign up for a monthly plan at just $29.99 per month. To discover the real value of the SBI package, see What Should SBI! Cost?

Complete Money-Back Satisfaction
and Success Guarantee makes your purchase
 into a risk-free trial.

What You Get With Your Order:

  • Complete Step-By-Step Videos Detailing the Proven Process
  • ALL the Tools Needed, All In One Place, Nothing Else to Buy!
  • 24 Hour SiteSell Support
  • Access to Private SBI! Forums
  • Genuine, Long-Term E-Business Success
  • Money-Back Satisfaction & Success Guarantee

Go to Site Build It! to order your copy NOW!

When you realize the depth of SBI!
and what building a real e-business is all about,
you will understand the unequalled value
of the unique SBI! difference.

If you've ever thought about
starting an internet business, do it now!

Every day that you delay is a day that you will fall further behind, for no reason. You can learn to build a website just like mine before you know it!

Go to Solo Build It! to order your copy NOW!

Still Have Questions?

If you're still not sure that you can learn to build a website, you can call or email the helpful folks at Solo Build It! Get contact information here:

Solo Build It! Questions

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