From Unbeliever to Believer about Vitamin D

by Thom Garrow
(Davenport, Iowa (USA))

I have always gotten a head and chest cold every spring, like clock work. I would just feel miserable and would eventually be put on antibotics — sometimes for 10 days and sometimes as long as 20 days. I have also been know to become slightly depressed at times during the winter months.

I was told about the benefits of Vitamin D and its health benefits. I did some research on the internet and I read good and bad about vitamin D, but the more I researched I found that the benefits out weighed bad press. I have been taken 2000IU daily in the summer and 4000IU in the winter months for about 3 years now. I have not gotten depressed like I did every time the winter months would approach and as for my yearly bout with my head and chest problems, they have also disappeared!

I am a true believer on what vitamin D can do for you. Overall I feel more alert and happier than ever before. I may add I also have had less problems with my teeth. My check ups are a lot better since using vitamin D.

I hope you enjoyed what I have written, because it works, well it worked for me and I will continue to use vitamin D for as long as I live.

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