Encouraged by Results
for High Blood Pressure

by Steve Sevek
(Smithfield Township, PA, U.S.A.)

My wife has suffered with high systolic blood pressure for many years as well as pain in her legs that makes it difficult to sleep comfortably.

She started taking astaxanthin about 6 weeks ago.

For the first 2 weeks she took 4 mg a day. Then she increased the dose to 8 mg a day & after 2 weeks at that level we took her blood pressure and for the first time in years it was within the normal range measuring 124/65, down from 169/67 three months ago. We could not believe it! She has tried everything that we thought might help over the years and nothing seemed to work like it should.

Now whether it was the astaxanthin by itself or not we can't be 100% sure. She has also been eating a nutritarian diet for 18 months and she takes vitamin D (her levels are 70 ng/ml) & she takes a stress relief formula and a product called MusclEase as well as B12, DHA and a multi-vitamin. So whether it is the astaxanthin by itself that is making the difference or the combination of things we don't know but we do know that she will continue taking the astaxanthin and I'm now taking it myself.

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