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Earthing is the practice of physically connecting your body to the energy coming from the surface of Earth. This is something that primitive cultures have known about and practiced for centuries. Throughout our history, humans have lived in close contact with the earth — walking barefoot, sleeping on the ground, and using its healing properties to cure illnesses. They didn't need Earthing products.

In our modern world, however, man has almost completely insulated himself from any contact with the earth. Not only do we live and work in buildings that elevate us above ground, we wear shoes made with non-conductive, synthetic soles that prevent the Earth's beneficial electric energy from penetrating into our bodies.

There's Magic in Going Barefoot!

The most basic example of connecting with the Earth is to walk barefoot on the ground. Can you recall how good it felt the last time you did this? That feeling. We now know why it feels as good as it does.

The bottom of your feet have more nerve endings than any other part of the body of that size. You also sweat more from the soles of your feet than anywhere else. These two characteristics make the soles of your feet the ideal place on your body to absorb electrical energy from the earth. This is no coincidence.

Although walking barefoot is cheap and easy, most people can't find the time to do this regularly enough to get all the benefits unless they're a lifeguard at the beach. Researchers have come to believe that we are meant to be connected to the Earth all day and night — just like every other living thing that inhabits this planet.

Fortunately, this is now really very easy to accomplish with the use of Earthing products. I manage to ground myself for 12-16 hours a day without any inconvenience or effort, by using Earthing products made for different environments — while sleeping, working at my desk or watching television!

Earthing products work by connecting some part of your body to a 3-prong grounded electrical outlet, which in turn is connected to the ground outside. It's just that simple. Connecting yourself to a properly grounded outlet will give you the same benefits as if you were standing outside in your bare feet. I can tell you this from my own experience — it feels terrific!

At least a dozen scientific papers have been published on the benefits of Earthing. You can find a review of some of these studies in the Journal of Environmental and Public Health.

Basic Earthing Products

Earthing Sheets. The least intrusive and easiest Earthing product to use is a soft sheet that spreads across your bed. The sheet has conductive metallic fibers woven into it, and it connects to the ground terminal of a 3-wire electrical outlet.

Sleep is the ideal time to ground yourself  because that's when your body naturally recharges itself. Using this type of Earthing product gives you a full night of grounding without having to doing a thing. Once you have the sheet down, it stays there.

Unfortunately, these sheets seem to lose their conductivity over time. This has been my own experience, as well as that of other users that have reported this problem via their reviews on

Earthing Body Bands. I recommend using the Earthing Body Bands, pictured at right, instead of the sheets. They're somewhat more inconvenient than the sheets because you're tethered to your grounded outlet by the cord, but they're less than $20 each, a big savings over the cost of the sheets. They're sized so you can wear one on your hand, wrist, foot or ankle.

Earthing Universal Mat. The mat is made of a rubber-like material that you can use anywhere around the house or at work. The Earthing Universal Mat measures about 10x27 inches. You can place your bare feet or hands on it while you're sitting at your desk or around the house; all you need is a grounded electrical outlet nearby. You could also use one to sleep on if you don't mind the feel of it on your skin.

I use one of these at my computer workstation where I can rest my hands on it as I work on the computer. This not only gives me an additional 5 or 6 hours of grounding every day, but it protects me against the electromagnetic radiation exposure from the computer.

Other Earthing Products. Additional Earthing products that are helpful include an Earthing Continuity Tester that checks to make sure your Earthing product is properly connected and working.

While this item isn't necessary for any Earthing product to function, it  will verify that your device is connected and working properly. Otherwise, you could overlook something that might be breaking the connection, like a loose wire.

If you get the Premium Starter Earthing Kit, all these items will be included at a substantial discount, along with the official Earthing book, written by Clint Ober.

You can find all these products for sale at by clicking on any of the images below.

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