CoQ-10 Supplements
for Heart Health and More

Health Benefits Available from
CoQ-10 Supplements

  • reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease
  • supports the health of your cardiovascular system
  • strengthens your heart
  • protects you against the dangerous side effects of statin drugs
  • reduces high blood pressure
  • reduces angina
  • boosts your energy and stamina levels
  • boosts your metabolism to help weight loss
  • supports muscle recovery from intensive workouts
  • enhances the health of your immune system

  • slows the aging process
  • protects your skin against aging and skin cancer
  • regenerates vitamin E and C, glutathione levels
  • protects against mercury toxicity in the brain
  • protects against Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease
  • protects against Muscular Dystrophy and Parkinson's disease
  • protects DNA in your cells from oxidative damage, a precursor to cancer
  • protects your brain, liver and kidneys
  • helps maintain normal blood sugar levels
  • protects against gum disease

Health Conditions that
CoQ-10 Has Been Recommended For

Cardiovascular Disease. Your levels of coenzyme Q-10 have a direct connection to the strength and condition of your heart. It has been found that low levels of CoQ-10 almost always accompany heart failure.

Cancer. Low levels of coenzyme Q-10 have been found to be present in most women with cervical and breast cancer. CoQ-10 has shown to be helpful in many different types of cancer: breast, lung, colon, prostate, and others.

Coenzyme Q-10, like some other antioxidants, seems to protect DNA from oxidative damage, which is believed to prevent the initial development of cancerous growths. CoQ-10 may even shrink tumors that have already been established.

Are You Taking Statin Drugs to
Lower Your Cholesterol?

The cholesterol-lowering statin drugs — including lovastatin, pravastatin, and simvastatin — all deplete levels of coenzyme Q-10 significantly, and can be life-threatening. Believe it or not, this is something your doctor may not even be aware of, even though the evidence is very clear-cut. Typically, doctors are not aware of nutritional factors that affect your health.

If you are considering statin drugs to lower your cholesterol, you should investigate the use of CoQ-10 supplements, along with the other network antioxidants, and a better diet instead. If you've already been put on statin drugs, find another doctor who understands nutrition and work with them to improve your heart health naturally.

Long-term statin usage has been shown to create many other health problems. These drugs only treat your symptoms; they don't do anything about the underlying causes.

CoQ-10 Supplements

Clearly, coenzyme Q-10 is a nutrient that you want to have working for you. Because CoQ-10 is in short supply in your body as you age, it makes sense to supplement your diet with this powerful antioxidant. There are no significant food sources of this antioxidant.

Coenzyme Q-10 supplements are also known by the name ubiquinone. To get the maximum benefit from taking CoQ-10 supplements, your body must convert the ubiquinone to its reduced form, called ubiquinol. As you get older, your body loses much of its ability to convert the CoQ-10 to ubiquinol, so it's helpful to get the already-reduced form of this nutrient if you are past the age of 25.

In fact, the reduced form of CoQ-10, ubiquinol, is about 8 times more absorbable than the ubiquinone variety. So, although this form is more expensive, you can take a much lower dose and get all the benefits, while actually saving money.

Most coenzyme Q-10 supplements do NOT come in the reduced form, ubiquinol, since it is more expensive (or seems so). Read the label carefully if you want to make sure you're getting ubiquinol, not ubiquinone. Chances are, it will display that information prominently on the label.

The most popular CoQ-10 supplements come in a 100mg. dose; you may want to use as much as 300mg. for therapeutic applications. Coenzyme Q-10 supplements are extremely safe, don't cause drug interactions, or have side effects. 

More information on coenzyme Q-10 is available at my page on
The Benefits of Coenzyme Q-10

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