Carpal Tunnel

by Jerrieann

I started taking 4mg of astaxanthin, once a day, just two months ago. I was hoping for improvements in my skin, and that is slowly happening. However, I didn't even think about getting help for carpal tunnel which has really been a problem for the last two years.

However, I started pulling up weeds in my backyard with my right hand. After pulling up a few rootbound weeds, I realized I suddenly had strength back in my right hand. I even pulled up a few more weeds to see if I was dreaming. Really, I had forgotten til then that the article on astaxanthin benefits had mentioned it.

However, I thought for my hand to feel so painful and void of strength that I surely needed surgery for such an injury. Guess it was actually just inflammation! I am so grateful because sometimes I couldn't even grasp my roast pot and safely get it out of the oven.

I am already telling my friends, and my best friends I am just sending a bottle of astaxanthin and a copy of the conditions that it may have helped. Astaxanthin is an amazing breakthrough for those of us smart enough to give it a chance to work!

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