Incredible Astaxanthin Benefits
Make This a Supplement You'll Want!

Astaxanthin benefits include things such as relief from arthritis and tennis elbow pain. It's also a wonderful supplement for youthful, beautiful skin. Astaxanthin has been shown to be one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients in the world; it's a very effective remedy for all types of tendon, joint and muscle pain.

Astaxanthin has been shown in the lab to be the strongest natural antioxidant known.

Astaxanthin has been measured to be many times more potent as an antioxidant than either vitamin E or vitamin C, two of the most well-known antioxidant nutrients.

Astaxanthin is found naturally in various species of algae and plankton. Animals with a red or pinkish color, such as flamingos, salmon, lobster, shrimp and crab get this color from a diet of krill and other small crustaceans that eat astaxanthin-rich algae and plankton.

What Makes Astaxanthin
Superior to All Other Antioxidants?

For starters, astaxanthin can penetrate into every part of the cell, inside and out. This makes it one of only a few antioxidants capable of doing this. Astaxanthin can also cross the blood-brain barrier and the blood-retinal barrier, to protect your eyes, brain and nervous system. In fact, astaxanthin works its magic everywhere, in every part of your body, organs and skin.

Astaxanthin is also unique in that it can handle many different species of free radicals simultaneously, putting it in a class by itself.

Many antioxidants can only handle one type of free radical at a time, and they tend to have a preference for one type – a singlet oxygen free radical, a nitric oxide free radical, or a peroxyl free radical. Antioxidants can also become depleted from neutralizing free radicals and become oxidized themselves. This doesn't occur with astaxanthin. These two factors alone make astaxanthin stand out from all other antioxidants.

Astaxanthin for Inflammation

Astaxanthin has been shown to be a viable alternative to anti-inflammatories such as aspirin, acetaminophen and the prescription drug Celebrex. Although it doesn't work as quickly as a drug, it's completely safe and effective for a large percentage of users.

Astaxanthin for Joint Pain

Astaxanthin's most popular use is to relieve all types of joint pain, including tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, and joint soreness after strenuous exercise. Astaxanthin can also help reduce pain and inflammation in tendons, joints and muscles.

Astaxanthin Benefits for Athletic Performance

Imagine the effort it takes for salmon to swim upstream, leaping over dams, to spawn. Salmon often go without food for days, drawing on their own reserves for hundreds of miles. What gives them this incredible stamina?

It's astaxanthin (pronounced asta-ZAN-thin), one of a group of natural pigments known as carotenoids. And increased endurance is just one of the many remarkable astaxanthin benefits.

The benefits of astaxanthin for serious athletes are significant. Regular users report that supplementing with astaxanthin:

  • increases strength and stamina
  • reduces recovery time
  • prevents joint and muscle soreness after exercise
  • reduces lactic acid levels

Many competitive and endurance athletes have become believers in astaxanthin supplements for all of the above reasons.

Astaxanthin Benefits
for Youthful, Beautiful Skin

One of the most frequently-reported benefits of astaxanthin is an improvement in skin quality. There is evidence that astaxanthin not only prevents UV sun damage from occurring, but may actually help to reverse external signs of aging from the inside out. This has been clearly demonstrated in human clinical trials.

Many users of astaxanthin supplements report that they are able to spend significantly more time out in the sun without burning than they were able to before. This is due to the powerful anti-inflammatory properties that astaxanthin has. (A sunburn is essentially an inflammation of your skin).

Other Astaxanthin Benefits

Astaxanthin benefits cover virtually the entire spectrum available from antioxidants. Aside from those previously mentioned, here are some other ones:

  • protects your eyes and skin from sun damage
  • helps prevent heart disease
  • helps prevent the initiation of cancer cells
  • gives you better resistance to colds
  • helps prevent and relieve diabetes
  • helps prevent gum disease
  • enhances reproductive health

Health Conditions That 
Astaxanthin Benefits May Relieve

Astaxanthin benefits have been shown to help in treating the following conditions:

  • arthritis and stiff joints
  • carpal tunnel
  • repetitive-stress injuries
  • high blood pressure
  • Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
  • macular degeneration
  • diabetes
  • gum disease
  • prostate problems

Nutritional Experts
Enthusiastically Endorse Astaxanthin

Mike Adams of raves
about astaxanthin benefits.

Here's an exerpt from Astaxanthin: The Little-Known Miracle Nutrient  by Mike Adams:

Every once in a very great while, I discover a natural medicine so astonishing that I feel compelled to share it with you. This nutrient may be the most powerful natural medicine you've never heard about!

I've found that 16mg a day is the ideal dosage for me to experience maximum benefits from this supplement... benefits that include outstanding athletic performance, a significant reduction in muscle soreness and joint pain, radical improvements in resistance to UV sun exposure, stabilized blood sugar and many more.

It gets even better: unlike most antioxidants, astaxanthin is fat-soluble, meaning it gets carried by fat molecules directly to tissues and organs in your body where it can do the most good, like your retina, your brain, your breast tissue, prostate tissue, and skeletal muscles.

"Astaxanthin is on my list as one of the top
three most important nutrients for human health
(along with vitamin D and omega-3 fats)."

Mike Adams of

Dr. Mercola on the Dr. Oz Show calls astaxanthin:

Read more testimonials about astaxanthin on the
Nutrex-Hawaii website.

Supplementing for Astaxanthin Benefits

As you can see from the exhaustive list of benefits and the great testimonials, astaxanthin is certainly one of the most important antioxidants you could supplement with. Since the amounts you would get from food sources are so limited, supplements are the only way to get the benefits that astaxanthin offers.

When shopping for supplements, insist on getting natural astaxanthin — it's 20 times more powerful than the artificial varieties produced from petrochemicals.

Recommended dosages.

Astaxanthin supplements come in dosages from 4-12mg. Your dosage will depend on your specific needs. For prevention of degenerative diseases, 4mg is probably sufficient. For enhancing athletic performance, treatment of chronic pain, inflammation or protection from sunburn, you may want to take more. There is no toxicity level; the only side effect known is that at high doses (about 50 milligrams a day), you might get an (harmless) orange hue in your skin.

As word about the amazing benefits of astaxanthin has spread, many users have moved toward higher and higher dosages, but this may be unnecessary. Astaxanthin will accumulate in the tissues over time and taking higher doses may not be of any benefit.

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