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An Antioxidant Juice
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Benefits of an Antioxidant Juice

There are several great reasons why you'd want to add one or more of these antioxidant juice products to your daily routine:

1. One Ounce Equals Three Servings of Fruit. A single one ounce serving of a superfruit juice gives you the nutritional benefits of three servings of common fruits or vegetables.

2. Unique Phytonutrients and Antioxidants. Antioxidant drinks contain unique phytonutrients and antioxidant properties not found in any other common fruit.

3. Avoid Pesticides. These antioxidant drinks are either organically grown or wild harvested, so you avoid the high levels of pesticides that are found in conventionally grown fresh fruit.

4. Long Shelf-Life. Never run out of the benefits of fresh fruit at home or work because you didn't have time to go to the grocery store.

5. Delivered Right to Your Door. How can you beat that?

How Do You Choose? I recommend reading about these different antioxidant fruits elsewhere on this website, then choosing one or more based on the unique benefits each one offers. The phytonutrient and antioxidant content of a superfruit juice are so valuable, it pays to get them into your daily routine any way you can.

My Pledge to You

I select the supplement and superfood companies featured on my website for their reputation for quality, and for their contribution to a healthy planet —  supporting green technology, fair-trade and sustainable, organic agriculture. I use many of them myself and wouldn't recommend anything that doesn't meet my strict personal standards.

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Compare Quality. Most superfuit juice products contain less than 50% of the particular juice you're paying for, including the expensive ones sold through direct-marketing companies. Often, the label doesn't specify the exact amount. You end up paying extravagant prices for juice blends with cheap fillers in them, like apple or pear juice. Avoid products you'll find selling for less than $20 per bottle; these are all diluted with water or cheaper fruit juices, and often contain preservatives.

Genesis Today Antioxidant Juices

iHerb.com features superfruit juice products made by several different companies. I recommend juices from Genesis Today.

Genesis Today offers the purest, highest quality antioxidant juices, made from wild-harvested or organic fruit. The company offers juices that are 100% pure acai, mangosteen, goji or noni. Check the list of ingredients to see exactly what you're getting.

Antioxidant Juice Blends or 100% Pure? Either one is a good choice. But since you're getting less of the main ingredient with a blended product, you shouldn't pay a premium price for them. Genesis Today's pure, 100% varieties of these juices go for a little over $30. Most of the network-marketing labels such as MonaVie are blends, but with premium prices — $40 and up.

How Do You Choose Which Antioxidant Juice to Buy? You can read about these different antioxidant fruits elsewhere on this website, and then choose one or more based on the unique benefits each one offers. The phytonutrient and antioxidant content of these exotic juices are so valuable, it pays to get them into your daily routine any way you can.

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