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Feature Story: Swine Flu Vaccines. This month, I look at the impending campaign to vaccinate everyone against the swine flu. Is this really a good idea? If you're old enough to remember the last swine flu scare (in 1976), you might want to hold off on getting a vaccine until you learn more. That vaccination program left hundreds of people paralyzed and killed 25 others. There is a link to a CBS 60 Minutes report in the article below. Be sure to watch it.

Health Myth of the Month. In each issue of this newsletter, I'll feature a health or nutritional myth that may be causing you to sabotage your efforts at improving your health. Much of the information you get from the mass media regarding health is misleading and incomplete. From my own experience, it pays to dig a little deeper to get all of the facts. I'll try to that here for you, and save you the unnecessary legwork.

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News About Vitamin D. I've added some new information to the website on vitamin D, which has been in the news lately. It has been discovered that large numbers of the population are now deficient in this essential nutrient, mostly due to the fact we've responded to warnings about staying out of the sun, which happens to be our primary source for vitamin D.

You can get all the details in the article on vitamin D below.

Also new to the website is my Health & Longevity Store featuring the best antioxidant juice products, multivitamins, fish oils, and this month's feature, vitamin D — all at great prices from amazon.com. Please stop by and pay a visit.

Swine Flu Vaccinations —
Should You Get One?

With all of the scary stories about the swine flu going around, I thought it to be important to pass along important information about vaccination programs that you aren't going to hear about in the regular news outlets.

Do You Remember the Swine Flu Disaster of 1976?
The current campaign to vaccinate as many people as possible against swine flu has alarming similarities to the previous swine flu vaccine disaster in 1976. Back then, the U.S. government, using a mostly fear-based public relations campaign, convinced 43 million Americans to get swine flu shots.

In the end, the dreaded epidemic never came close to materializing, but the after-effects on some of the vaccine recipients was devastating. Several hundred people developed crippling Guillain-Barré Syndrome after their injections, and lawsuits totaling over $1 billion were filed by victims who had suffered paralysis. Some perfectly healthy adults ended up as paraplegics, and 25 people died from complications from the vaccines.

A few years after the last swine flu debacle, CBS and "60 Minutes" took a look back at the result of the 1976 Swine Flu Campaign. Watch it here:

60 Minutes Segment on the Swine Flu

Or read about it here:

Wikipedia-1976 Swine Flu Scare

What Have We Learned From History?
When a vaccine has to be developed in such a short time, you can be virtually certain that it has not been thoroughly tested to determine its safety and effectiveness. We might well be asking for another disaster.

Vaccines May Be Declared Mandatory.
Unfortunately, there are laws already in place that make a mandated vaccination program a reality, giving certain agencies the authority to use force to ensure compliance.

To make matters worse, the pharmaceutical companies, and the government, will be exempt from any liability for any harmful side effects stemming from the vaccines. So if you suffer any harm from them, you'll be on your own!

Before you decide whether or not to participate in the swine flu program, you really ought to educate yourself about the true risks and benefits of flu vaccinations. Don't trust the government or the pharmaceutical companies for honest information.

Should you have reason to be suspicious? Read about a behind-the-scenes story of the current swine flu scare here: Journalist Accuses WHO of Plan to Commit Mass Murder

Investigate the Hazards of Flu Vaccines
Some of the truths about vaccinations that they're not going to tell you about include:

1.There is no solid evidence that the swine flu shots (or any flu shot) will actually work.
2. Vaccinations are typically loaded with toxic heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum, preservatives and emulsifiers, including formaldehyde.
3. Vaccines are a prime suspect as a causative factor in neurological diseases such as autism and alzheimers. Although these connections are difficult, if not impossible to prove, there are enough case histories out there that you would be foolish to disregard the possibilities.

What Else Can You Do to Prevent Swine Flu?
If you're concerned about the swine flu, the safest strategy is to build up your natural immunity and give your body the armor it needs to protect itself against infections. This includes a diet rich in immune-boosting antioxidants, adequate sunshine for vitamin D, regular exercise and sleep.

Vitamin D Deficiencies Reach Epidemic Levels

Do you deliberately avoid going out in the sun? Lack of sun exposure on your skin is one of the primary causes of vitamin D deficiency, but there are additional factors.

Whenever studies are done to measure vitamin D levels in large groups, the results show that, regardless of the age or cultural background of the subjects, chronic vitamin D deficiencies are widespread. The percentage of subjects that measure low levels of vitamin D typically range from 30 to 80%.

Sun Exposure Has Always Been Our Primary Source of Vitamin D
Today, many of us work indoors and use our cars to get from place to place, instead of walking. Then we use sunscreen whenever we spend any time out in the sun.

While the use of sunscreen may be useful in minimizing the risks of skin cancer, sunscreens also prevent the manufacture of Vitamin D, even if you're outdoors for a long time. Applying sunscreen with even a minimum SPF factor of 8 reduces your body's production of vitamin D by 95%.

The other primary factor to consider when you get your vitamin D from sun exposure is the distance you live from the equator. If you live north of the 30th parallel in the northern hemisphere, or south of the 30th parallel in the southern hemisphere, the sun is not strong enough for about half of the year. The further you go away from the equator, the shorter the vitamin D season gets.

Worldwide Cancer Rates Directly Connected With Sunshine
People who live in higher latitudes, away from the equator, are more prone to developing common cancers, such as cancer of the colon, prostate, breast and ovaries. If you were to plot a map of the entire planet and the cancer rates by country, you would see that the farther away from the equator you get, the higher the rate of cancer is. This is consistent even across different cultures and economic levels. Populations that get less sun have higher overall rates of cancer.

In fact, studies done in the United States and Europe show than adequate vitamin D intake can decrease your risk of getting cancer by more than 50%! That's the most dramatic anti-cancer statistic that you'll ever come across.

Lack of Vitamin D Absorption
Another important factor to remember is that it takes up to 48 hours for your body to absorb vitamin D after sunbathing. If you wash the exposed area with soap, you'll remove the oil-soluble vitamin D, and you won't get any of it into your system. If you shower or bathe daily, use soap only on your underarms and groin area, which emit the most body odor and don't get much sun anyway. Wash the rest of your body with plain water, which won't wash away the vitamin D.

How Much Vitamin D Do You Need?
If you have habitually avoid direct sun exposure, and don't take any vitamin D supplements, you almost certainly have low vitamin D levels. To learn more about this and what you can do about it, click on any of the following links:

Causes of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D From Sunlight

Foods That Contain Vitamin D

Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Health Myth of the Month:
Eggs (and Cholesterol) Are Bad for You

Eggs have been condemned and labeled as unhealthy solely because of their cholesterol content.

Truth: Eggs are a near-perfect food, providing excellent quality protein, nutrients and important fatty acids that contribute to the health of the brain and nervous system, all wrapped in nature's finest packaging! They are rich in the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin as well as the mineral selenium, a powerful antioxidant-booster. They're just about the best breakfast food you could imagine, and an absolute bargain.

What About Cholesterol? First of all, your blood cholesterol levels are not in any way related to your consumption of cholesterol-containing foods. Almost all of your cholesterol is manufactured by your liver as a life-sustaining component of your blood. Furthermore, high cholesterol levels are not even a cause of heart disease.

To find out more about the cholesterol myth, go to my page on What Causes Heart Disease?

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