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Happy New Year!

I want to send you the best wishes during this holiday season, and the best of health for this coming year. The goal of my website is to provide you with resources that will make a significant contribution towards that end.

Throughout this coming year, I'll continue to search for nutritional news that matters — and health tips that are easy to implement and will make a difference in your health. My website continues to grow, and I think you'll enjoy this month's additions.

It's New Year's!
You All Know What that Means!

It's the time of the year where everybody (well, almost everybody) makes a resolution about improving their health. It could be about losing a few pounds, starting a new exercise program or a healthier diet.

Recently, I discovered the benefits of healthy smoothies, and began to use them to get more nutrition into my breakfast routine. I know how much better I feel if I have something healthy for breakfast — and smoothies turned out to be answer!

I know all the reasons for skimping on a healthy breakfast — I've used them all myself!

  • Preparing healthy food is time consuming. Who has the time?
  • I'm too busy to be going to the grocery store every day.
  • Healthy food is expensive, and not always easy to find.
  • I don't like fruits and vegetables.
  • Eating healthy is complicated, and I'm not much of a cook.

The beauty of healthy smoothies is that they handle all these objections with ease.

I can show you how a healthy smoothie is not only the most nutritious breakfast you can make, they 're also one of the quickest and easiest ones you can make, as well! You won't have to run to the market every day to buy ingredients, or spend a fortune, either.

Health Benefits of Smoothies

Once you make healthy smoothies a regular routine, you'll notice many great benefits:

  • more energy
  • less body aches and pains
  • better sleep
  • normal blood sugar
  • clearer thinking
  • better vision

  • better digestion
  • regular bowel movements
  • smoother skin and healthier hair
  • fewer colds and flus
  • easier weight loss
  • fewer cravings for sweets and processed food

Where do these benefits come from?

Healthy smoothies are loaded with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes that come in a whole-food form. When fruits and vegetables get blended, the blender will break up the plant fibers, literally doing most of the “chewing” of the foods for you. And chewing food more thoroughly means that you'll absorb more of the nutrients.

More Benefits!

Healthy smoothies help detoxify your system.

Smoothies retain the fiber from the fruits and the vegetables you use. The fiber works to improve digestion and helps your body naturally rid itself of toxins. Fiber also helps you feel full so you go to work or school feeling satisfied, and stay that way longer.

And Maybe the Most Important Benefit of All!

Anyone can use a blender and make a healthy smoothie that tastes awesome.

Even the most culinary-challenged individual can dump smoothie ingredients into a blender and make a great tasting smoothie — even kids! There are so many possibilities with smoothies that you're bound to find a combination that pleases you. The trick is to know which ingredients will make your smoothie a healthy one — and which ingredients you want to avoid.

Making your own smoothies at home also guarantees that you'll only get the ingredients you want in your smoothies. Many commercial juice bars add sugar, high fructose corn syrup, food coloring, even msg and other hidden additives to their smoothie products. You'll save lots of money making your own smoothies at home, also.

Announcing a New Smoothie Section

I've created an entire section of my website to provide all the information you'll need to know how to make a smoothie. You will discover:

• how to choose a blender to make your healthy smoothies

• what beverages make the healthiest base for your smoothies

• which ingredients to avoid to make a healthy smoothies

• the healthiest ways to add sweetness to your smoothie recipes

• how to control the texture and temperature of your smoothies

• dozens of smoothie recipes posted on my website — and more to come!

• superfood ingredients that increase the nutritional content of your smoothies by leaps and bounds!

Are you ready for
your healthy smoothie adventure?

Start by clicking here:

Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Also New This Month

Updates on superfood products that make great ingredients for healthy smoothies. I talk about some of the best superfood makers and their products. You can get an introduction at any of these pages listed below:

What are Superfood Products?

Green Superfood Powders

Superfood Supplements — Fruits, Nuts, Seeds and more

Superfood Snacks and Energy Bars

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